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Miniature Figure Painting is my Hobby and Passion (besides the wife and kids).  I am addicted to Miniature Figures and Painting.  I love to assemble and paint Historical and Fantasy Figures.  The Historical Figues are typically in the 54mm range while the Fantasy Figures are around 28mm. 
I paint all time periods and genre of Fantasy.  I am especially fond of Reaper Miniatures.

I prefer to use a subtle approach to painting.  I am for the most part a Historical Figure painter and by nature do not like to have sudden or harsh contrast between colors.  Using an overhead lighting scheme I work from top down. Layering is for the most part my method of acheiving shadow and highlight.   I airbrush 60% of the figure and do the finish work with the brush.  I use Vallejo and Liquitex for all painting applications.


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or suggestions.

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